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  • Support your team even better after the training!
  • Learn how Kafka works under the hood!

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4h Introduction

Explore Kafka as your new central nervous system for data

✔️ What is Kafka?

✔️ Is Kafka the right fit for you?

✔️ How can Kafka help your Business to move faster

✔️ First hands-on experience with Kafka

This is a real instructor-led training and not a Webinar!

Limited offer: 1000€ 750€

2 days training

Experience Apache Kafka as the core of your Streaming Platform

✔️ How does Kafka really work

✔️ Get the most out of Kafka

✔️ Operate Kafka successfully in Production

✔️ Everything you need to get started now!

This is a live Training! No prerecordings!

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3 days training

Get the most out of the training! Everything you need to run Kafka in Production

✔️ Advanced Operations

✔️ Advanced Optimization

✔️ Disaster Recovery & improved Resiliency

✔️ Monitoring Kafka & your Streaming Platform

Get your hands dirty and start delivering value now!

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Answers to Your Questions

For whom is this training?

The 4-hour training is for people and companies new to Apache Kafka.

The 2 and 3 day training is for IT experts without or with few Kafka Experience.

Even if you have already some experience with Kafka, we plan all trainings adjusted to our customers to give you the best experience!

If you are unsure, just write us a note.

Does it work also online?

Yes! We are using Zoom as the platform for giving Online trainings. Even if the training is online, our trainers deliver it live to give you the best experience. We are here to help so please ask all your questions during the training.

Some say, that online training is even better than being on-site.

What do I need to participate?

Basically nothing! You just need a Laptop with modern Web browser for accessing the Labs and the Zoom client installed. Please turn on your webcam for the best experience.

Which prerequisites are required?

For the labs, you should be able to get around on a Linux Shell. But apart from general technical experience you do not need any prior knowledge.

Of course, some experience with messaging systems, databases or software development is nice to have. We do our Labs with Docker, thus some knowledge with Docker is nice to have, too.

How many persons can participate in the training?

We recommend to have at most 10 persons in one training. This gives the trainer the ability to interact with everybody in the course and gives us some time to answer questions.


Anatoly Zelenin
c/o ImpactHub
Bayerische Straße 8
01069 Dresden

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